Off-Farm Income

Peyton Parks is a junior at Topsail High School in Hampstead, North Carolina.  She is also a third year member in the Topsail FFA Chapter and she has an eye for entrepreneurship.  Peyton has been riding and caring for horses for several years.  She has been pet sitting for neighbors for about three years now, including people with horses, and she finds herself very attracted to entrepreneurship.  

This has led Peyton to make efforts to grow her business through postings on neighborhood apps that she knows people in her community use.  She has found ways to make her self standout on those apps, and she is seeing results in calls for service.  In her free time Peyton has her business on her mind, and this has led her to explore many of the different pet sitting apps that already exist.  Peyton believes that she can build a better pet sitting app, and she outlines what she believes should be part of the app in this episode.

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