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Rural Crime In The U.S.

Are the folks in this audience more susceptible to being defrauded of money?  Well.....Perhaps.

Anytime that you have a goal that involves a lot of money, and it is difficult or next to impossible to figure out how you will obtain the money needed to reach the goal you become more susceptible to being scammed.  Then you see a success story like this one and start thinking that the only way you will find success is by getting WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX like this young man did:

So, in today's episode I want to take a minute to point out a scam that is currently underway.  This is not necessarily a specifically rural crime, but if you are trying to find a way to create the capital needed to purchase your farm, you might stumble across these people while you are searching.  Of course, they would be more than happy to take your money and disappear, even if you don't live in an urban environment and are not one of their traditional victims.

I've said many times that in order to succeed in our entrepreneurial journeys we may need to leave agriculture to obtain something (expertise, training, money, etc.) and then bring it back to agriculture for the lifestyle that we are seeking.  But this is not what I meant!

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