Off-Farm Income

Arturo Madriz is a 2022 National Proficiency Finalist in the category of Agricultural Mechanics and Repair.  He is also a senior at Madera South High School in California, and has a big time job in his father's trucking company.  Just this year Arturo started going out on his own to repair damaged or broken down semis from the families business.  He has driven up to 3 hours to take care of a truck that was broke down on the side of the road.  

Madera sits right on California State Highway 99, which has more north/south truck traffic than any roadway, including interstates, in the United States.  It is narrow and busy with vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed.  Arturo had to replace two trailer tires on this roadway this summer.  This is dangerous and stressful work.  And, he doesn't just switch out wheels.  He breaks the bead off of the damaged tire and re-seats a new tire on to the existing wheel.  

To further help the family business, which his father started years ago after emigrating from Mexico, Arturo is planning on going to a diesel mechanic program after high school.  One of the biggest expenses the business has is paying for expert diesel mechanic work, and Arturo plans to learn what he needs so that they can reduce that expense.  

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