Off-Farm Income

Halle Miller is a 2022 National Proficiency Winner in the category of Small Animal Production & Care.  She is also a junior at the University Of Akron in Ohio studying marketing and sales.  Halle was previously a guest on the Off-Farm Income Podcast in 2021 on episode #1063 as she was preparing to graduate high school.  At that point in time she was planning on becoming a nurse, but during that very spring her participation on the sales and marketing team through the FFA lit her fire for this industry, and she is pursuing this at college now.

Thanks to a strong work ethic and dual credit classes Halle is already classified as a junior in college, despite this just being her third semester since graduating.  During high school she was able to complete 46 college credits that she took with her to Akron.  Today she is still operating her dog breeding business, Borders Of Eby Eden with help from her entire family.  And of course, her overcoming a dog phobia that began at age 6 remains a large part of her story.

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