Off-Farm Income

Ty Steffen is a 2022 National Proficiency Winner in the category of Diversified Crop Production.  On his families property and on leased property in his hometown of Newark, Illinois he grows 4 acres of pumpkins, a 1/2 acre of broom corn and gourds as well as a large vegetable garden.  Using honor system stands Ty markets his broom corn, gourds and pumpkins as decorative produce every fall.  

There is an interesting twist to Ty's story.  During his 9th Grade year he noticed some city land adjacent to a park that was going unused.  Ty actually went to a board meeting for his village and requested to lease that ground to farm on.  That lease was approved, and he obtained two acres, right in town to grow his crops.  Ty is interested in continuing his business and remaining an entrepreneur after high school and college.  

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