Off-Farm Income

Jana Earp is the Advertising and Partnership Manager at Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association in Fort Worth, Texas.  The TSCRA began as a conglomerate of ranchers in Texas that banded together to stop cattle rustling in 1880.  Since the this group has evolved, officially becoming the TSCRA in 1921.  It's mission also evolved and turned from being focused on catching cattle rustlers to helping people succeed not just in raising cattle but in all aspects of agriculture.  

This episode was originally going to be aired as a rural crime episode.  However, it also evolved.  The TSCRA does so much to help people from anywhere in the country to succeed in agriculture that this interview felt more like an ag business episode.  So today, Jana will introduce the TSCRA to all of you and let you know exactly how this organization can help you succeed in agriculture.  

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