Off-Farm Income

Ethan Meissner is a 2022 National Proficiency Winner in the category of Agricultural Processing.  Since his 8th grade year Ethan has been working at a local meat locker near Marshfield, Wisconsin.  He started out doing carry outs, cleaning coolers and any other small jobs that needed to be done.  But over time the business and Ethan both evolved and changed.  Today, the locker specializes in making sausages and hot dogs, pretty much anything that is ground and then stuffed into a casing.  Ethan has become much more proficient and knowledgeable in running machinery and really the whole operation.  This ultimately led his boss to trust him enough to take a day off on the weekends and leave Ethan in charge.  

Today Ethan is studying agricultural engineering at the University Of Wisconsin at River Falls.  He actually started out at another university studying just mechanical engineering.  However, he missed agriculture and transferred so that Ag could be part of the emphasis of his major.  On the weekends and during breaks from school Ethan returns home and works at the meat locker.  For the summer he has his eye on some internships so that he can explore this career field even further.  


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