Off-Farm Income

Whitley Anderson is a District Officer in the Lonewolf FFA District in West Texas.  She is also the chapter Vice-President at Snyder High School and immediate past-chapter president.  She raises pigs and chickens and definitely has a passion for agriculture.  As strong as Whitley's love to agriculture is, her love for sharing it with other people is stronger.

Whitely is currently a junior in high school, and she has her sights set on becoming an agricultural lobbyist after she completes high school.  She wants to advocate for agriculture at the highest levels and be part of what keeps agriculture seen as the "backbone of America".  She is not waiting for that first lobbyist position to start advocating however.  Right now, in Snyder, Texas she is taking the opportunity to share agriculture with everyone.

Just one week before Whitley and I did this interview she facilitated the "Scurry Stars Livestock Show".  Snyder High School is in Scurry County.  Whitley had seen that some of her peers in other parts of Texas were parts of livestock shows for students with special needs, so she came back to Scurry County and proposed this to all the relevant decision makers.  Everyone decided to move forward, and the second livestock show for students with special needs was completed, this time including goats and pigs rather than just chickens.  Whitley said she was nervous, but everything went very well and she is excited to do it again next year and watch it grow!

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