Off-Farm Income

Jackson Lohr is a 2022 National Proficiency Winner in the category of Poultry Production and a former state officer for the Virginia State FFA.  Jackson has known that he wanted to be a state officer since the 6th Grade when a Virginia State Officer took the time to speak with him at the state convention.  Only one problem, Jackson considered himself to be introverted, so how would he get out of his comfort zone?  Ultimately, Jackson found that focusing on the priorities of the FFA allowed him to ignore his fears and get the job done.  And the payoff has been huge.

Not only did Jackson eventually become a state officer, but he also excelled in his supervised agriculture experience and won a National Proficiency Award.  Jackson has grown up on a chicken farm in Western Virginia, and he has been working in some capacity on the farm since he could walk.  He loves this lifestyle and this level of agricultural production.  He is currently completing a two year agricultural management program at Virginia Tech., and then he will be right back to the farm to carry on this legacy!

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