Off-Farm Income

Abby VanPelt is the President of the Austin High School FFA Chapter in Austin, Minnesota.  She is a triplet, all of which are in the FFA, and she has an older brother who also was in the FFA.  Her family raises sheep on their farm in Southeast Minnesota, and she has developed her own flock.

I often say that luck is the result of being prepared when opportunity strikes.  I don't know that I would describe Abby being president of her chapter as luck, but the way that this came about illustrates the point.  During her sophomore year Abby decided to attempt to become an officer and spend the year observing and learning from her older colleagues.  She was put in the position of "at-large officer" and was content to be mentored and learn.

During this time the president of Abby's chapter moved away, and it caused a shift in the ranks.  The serving vice president was moved into the president position, and Abby was selected to fill the vacant vice president position.  Abby was in the position for this to happen because she was preparing.  She had placed herself into a position that made this possible because she was forward thinking and planning for a future goal.  It just happened a bit sooner than she was expecting.  This propelled Abby forward as an officer, and today she is serving as her chapter's president.

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