Off-Farm Income

Andrew Snook is the owner of Snook's Lawncare & Landscaping in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.  He is also the 2022 Pennsylvania State Star Award Winner in agribusiness.  This all started when Andrew was very young and wanted very badly to push a lawn mover.  Over time that developed to him requesting to go with his grandfather when he was out mowing other people's lawns.  Finally, when Andrew was 11 years old he asked for a push mower for his birthday and was gifted one.  This launched his entrepreneurial endeavor. 

Andrew has also been exposed to agriculture and farming on his uncle and cousin's farm nearby his whole life.  So, when he was first exposed to the FFA it felt like a natural fit for him and something that he wanted to pursue.  Little did he know how well his love for lawn mowing and landscaping would fit with the required supervised agricultural experience.  

Today, Andrew and his father co-own Snook's Lawncare & Landscaping, and they just converted it to an S-Corp.  Andrew now has 2-3 crews working for him, he has added snow removal to the list of things that they do, and he sees the sky as the limit on where he can take this business!

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