Off-Farm Income

Noah McMeeken is a sophomore at Slinger High School in Slinger, Wisconsin and he is a recent recipient of a $1,000 SAE grant.  Noah has interests in things that fly.  He and his brother have been raising and showing ducks and chickens for the past several years, Noah loves to fly in aircraft, he is a competitive alpine skier and flies down the mountain and he has developed a deep interest in drone technology.  So much so, that he was teaching me a thing or two about drones during the interview.  

Noah is just picking up speed in his FFA career, and he has a vision of a business involving him flying FPV Drones and taking aerial photographs for farmers for crop scouting as well a multitude of other reasons.  Noah is pursuing this with a lot of wisdom too.  In addition to being proactive and seeking (and winning) the grant money to fund the project, he has chosen to purchase a kit and assemble the drone himself.  Obviously, he could save himself time and headache by purchasing a fully assembled and ready to fly drone.  However, he knows he will eventually break something on the drone.  So, he looks at the assembly as preparation for that day.  This way he will know how to fix the drone, rather than having to purchase a whole new unit.  And this knowledge will come from the assembly.  

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