Off-Farm Income

Arin Whitemountain and Tom Masterson are partnering together in Southeast Missouri to bring a niche haying service to very small acreages.  Arin has invested in the necessary equipment to bale very small, round bales on small acreages with low horsepower tractors.  He did it for himself last summer, and has developed a passion for these small and easy to use bales.

Arin recently retired from the Coast Guard and moved to a piece of property he had previously purchased in the area.  Tom has become an agricultural mentor to Arin and has been helping to get him started in the world of farming.  At the same time, Tom knows many people with small acreages in the area and helps them as well.  This has made for a great partnership in growing this service, and they are both very excited about the production of small round bales and how it will help those folks with very small acreages to produce something off of their grass rather than just brush hogging it down.

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