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Today is a farm update episode, and we will be discussing:

Mother Nature is so deceptive - looking outside at snow and frozen ground knowing that sometime in the next couple of weeks it is all going to change and I will go from feeling like I am in winter to feeling like I am behind.

Winter is definitely my most relaxed time of the year when it comes to the farm.  This is the last week of that….everything starts to ramp up next week….

I bought an Indian motorcycle, and I wanted to get it done before the weather got good. I test rode it on the one 50 degree day we have had in the last 10 days and will have in the next 2 weeks…

I am very excited about it, but also a little sad to give up my Honda.

I start calving next week and calving season will be followed by kidding…so my chances to ride it very much is probably going to be delayed by more than just weather

Watched Borrowed Future with Autumm & Hattie as we start preparing for Hattie to go to college.  Watching this and hearing the realities of higher education in the U.S. made me so proud of what agricultural colleges throughout the U.S. are doing.  Just in the 20 or so that I have interviewed so far, I have found a multitude of very affordable options for ag students to get a four year degree if they want to.  In my interview with Kansas State I found out that Mid-Western States are losing population and thus, future students, so there are many affordable options for agricultural education in the Mid-West.  They need the students and they want to bring people to their states and try to keep them as permanent residents.

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