Off-Farm Income

Forrest Durham was first a guest on the Off-Farm Income Podcast back in 2015 when he was an FFA student and running a roasted corn business.  As a high school student Forrest was attending an average of 14 fairs or festivals per year for a total of 28 days.  He was selling around 500 ears of corn per day at an average profit of $2 per ear.  That's around $30,000 in profit.  Not bad for a high school student working 28 days per year, right?

The roasted corn business was inspired by his father, who sold fudge and ice cream out of a mobile car and later a brick and mortar location.  When Forrest finished high school he went to the University Of Kentucky and got a degree in agriculture, but then he was right back at it, taking over his father's business "The Sweet Shoppe".

Forrest is currently expanding "The Sweet Shoppe".  They do mail orders and are starting to distribute fudge to local grocery stores.  He is also building his cattle herd and has plans for a direct to consumer beef business.  And, he already has a brick and mortar store front and large scale social media following for The Sweet Shoppe.  So, selling cuts of meat produced on his very own farm is just a step away.

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