Off-Farm Income

Dustin Toberman is the owner of Omni Ag Consulting and a veteran of the commercial ag world and a former VP for Bungee running their northern division.  After 20 years in this aspect of agriculture, Dustin has seen a lot of talented ag students come and go in internships and has done a lot of hiring.  He has also seen what is impressive on a resume and in an interview, and he has seen the unrealistic expectations of newly graduated students.

At the end of Dustin's corporate career, his company was once again merging, and he decided that he did not want to go through another merger.  So, he assessed what he was passionate about and realized that helping pair the right talent with the right opportunity was something that had always got him excited.  This led to the development of Omni Ag Consulting, and within two years he is amazed by the impact he has already been able to make.

On today's episode we are going talk about his path, and we are also going to discuss how students coming out of college and heading into the agricultural career field can best succeed!

Here is Dustin's podcast, Boot Pit To Boardroom for you to check out:

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