Off-Farm Income

On tomorrow's Ag Business Episode we are telling the story of a company that was born during the Great Depression from a need to make extra money during slow times during the winter.  The answer that the founder came up with was a value added product.  Today, that original product has inspired many other products and created jobs for hundreds of people and deliciousness for millions of people's meals.

As a great "tie in" to tomorrow's show I went looking for interviews that I had done regarding value added product.  I cannot think of a better "tie in" than this interview that I did with Logan Schlaugh back in 2020.  The creation of a value added product is literally what saved this young man's family farming enterprise.  You have all heard me talk about the pressure to not be the link in the family chain that loses the farm.  Well, this is real story about coming close but then being innovative and saving it with a value added product.


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