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The Agricultural College Episode is designed to profile agricultural trade schools, junior colleges, colleges and universities around the U.S.

[caption id="attachment_421096" align="alignright" width="145"] Nick Dorroh - Ag Student Ambassador[/caption]

Thisepisode is an effort to replicate the conversation that prospective students, parents and ag teachers might have with agricultural schools at trade show like the National FFA Convention.

I began my college career at a community college and got off to a great start academically.  I have often stated, with all seriousness, that had I not had that beginning, I probably would not have graduated with a bachelor's degree.  So, I believe that a community college is an absolutely fantastic place to begin a college pursuit, and that is why I wanted to profile as many as possible on this episode.  

In today's episode I am proving Aims Community College from Fort Lupton, Colorado.  We are going to be talking about the re-emergence of their agricultural program, the emergence of new opportunities and why a 38 year old man, who is redefining his life chose Aims for his new beginning.

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