Off-Farm Income

Pepper Elmore is the Chapter Reporter for the Kremlin FFA in Kremlin, Oklahoma.  Knowing she wanted to be part of the FFA, when it came to join Pepper chose to go to school at Kremlin-Hillsdale, in spite of the fact that it is 45 minutes from her ranch, because her local school did not offer agriculture.  Pepper is well versed in fitting, showing and husbandry of cattle through her families business of raising purebred Simmental Cattle.

Pepper is clearly a goal setter and she thinks long term.  She has already identified the career that she wants to have after college of becoming a dual purpose chiropractor, working on both people and livestock.  She also knows that she wants to run track in college, and she wants that place to be Oklahoma State University.  With so many decisions already made, now it is just down to mapping out the path and following along.  I think Pepper is in perfect position to make this all happen!


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