Off-Farm Income

This week we have a special Rural Crime Episode for you.  I am speaking with Philip Clarke, the executive Editor of Farmer's Weekly.  Farmer's Weekly is a publication based in the United Kingdom.

I have been reading so many stories about rural crime in the U.K. that I wanted to speak with somebody who understood the scope and specifics of the issues there better than me.  It seems that three out of every four articles I read about rural crime in the U.K. are published by Farmer's Weekly, so that seemed like a good place to begin my search.

I was very fortunate that Philip was willing to take the time to come on the show.  In the interview we talk about whether or not there really is a large problem with rural crime in the U.K.  We also discuss the specific problems they are facing, we clarify some terms and we discuss the differences between the U.S. and U.K.

You are going to really enjoy this very interesting interview.

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