Off-Farm Income

Abby Neft is the President of a brand new FFA chapter located in Kelliher, Minnesota.  Just 57 miles from the Canadian border, her family has been farming in this very cold area of Minnesota since the 1980's.

Abby loves the cattle industry, and she has been building her own herd since she was six years old when her father gave her, her first show heifer.  Since then, she has been retaining her show heifers, having calves and trying to develop genetics that will allow her to produce top notch cattle.  She uses artificial insemination and embryo transfer to do this.

With just one year of high school left, Abby's goal is to raise cattle for a living.  If she can do it on the family farm, that is her preference.  However, her sights are set on this happening, either way.


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