Off-Farm Income

Wyatt DeAth is his chapter's president as was a district reporter, district star winner and state proficiency winner.  All this before he reached his senior year of high school.  This young man can talk farming, and I had a great time talking about it with him in his episode.

Wyatt has grown up on his families farm in Eastern Illinois.  He started out driving the grain cart on the farm at a very young age, and when he was home full-time during Covid his dad graduated him to the tractor and the planter.  That was just the beginning.  Soon, he was farming for other operations in the area and using their equipment.  Today, he is leasing 30 acres of his own and growing and selling alfalfa hay.

As of right now, farming is what Wyatt is looking forward to in the future.  However, he knows that he is going to get off of the farm for some time first to experience something different, and he realizes that there is a chance that something else might pique his interest.

As things stand right now, he will either head to college for a two year degree or hit the road with a harvesting crew when he finishes up in high school.  Either way, and no matter what, he is going to be an asset to agriculture for decades to come.


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