Off-Farm Income

Natalie Rider is the third generation of her family in the horse business on the Circle T Ranch in Celina, Ohio.  Her grandfather, who always had a passion for horses, purchased this property in 1995 in the midst of his truck driving career.  Then he started building a horse business.

Natalie was first put on horseback when she was 6 months old, and somewhere along the line she developed the same passion.  Today, if she is not at school or sleeping she at her grandparents ranch working in the horse business.  Today she trains client horses, gives riding lessons, feeds and cleans stalls for the boarding business and is coaching an equestrian Special Olympics team of eight competitors.  

Natalie knows that she wants to be around horses and her families ranch for her future.  So, she has already identified three universities that she can attend for a bachelor's degree in agriculture that will keep her close to home and working on the ranch!

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