Off-Farm Income

Abigail Harrison loves to inspire others, and that is what has driven her to start her own business - Abigail Grace Woodworking.  In a business like this you might think it is the craft, the profit or the marketing that would be the driver.  However, in Abby's case she loves going to different SAE sales, setting up a booth and speaking with other FFA students who see what she has done and want to know how to do it themselves.

Abby has the rare ability to really listen to what is right for her.  During her 9th Grade year she had a journalism SAE, and she was creating a website.  However, something didn't feel right about that.  She really thought about what she wanted to do, and it occurred to her that she wanted to work with her hands and have a tangible creation to hold when she was done.  That is how she got started creating products, and that is what has opened the doors for her in her SAE.

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