Off-Farm Income

Peyton Gay is the sentinel for the Deane Bozeman FFA Chapter, and he is a remarkable young man.  A natural athlete, gifted student and very hard worker Peyton has managed to put together an FFA and high school experience that will be rivaled by few.

Peyton has grown up on his grandparent's farm in Northern Florida that they purchased because of their love for animals of all types.  Never having a profit motive, Peyton's grandmother has cared for and rescued multiple different species of wildlife and livestock on the farm since it first began.  This is how Peyton grew up as well, and it led to his supervised agricultural experience raising, incubating and giving away Sebastopol Geese, which are listed as a threatened species.

This influence has resulted in Peyton pursuing a career as a veterinarian.  He is also pursuing his dream of playing football for Texas A&M in College Station.  He has been awarded a "walk on scholarship" which means that all of his football activities will be paid for but not his academics.  However, Peyton believes that through his academics and pursuits in the FFA that he will be able to have a full-ride academic scholarship!  It is an amazing story and one that I am really looking forward to seeing develop from an academic as well as an athletic perspective.

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