Off-Farm Income

Olivia Vanderwalt is the reporter for the Lee County FFA Chapter, and is just finishing her junior year of high school.  She has a very interesting and unique story.  Part of the story I have heard before.  She grew up in a neighborhood and not on a farm.  So, when she wanted to join the FFA, with no agricultural background, in the 6th Grade her mom wasn't so sure.  So far, there is nothing unusual about this story as parents who aren't familiar with the FFA often wonder why their kids want to get involved in agriculture.

However, there is a twist.  Olivia's mom grew up in England, and her dad grew up in South Africa.  Both of them were exploring the world by taking positions in physical therapy when they met in Florida, and this led them to get married, start a family and settle down in Leesburg.  This has to be the most unique origin story in this town!

Luckily for the FFA, Olivia's mom consented, and Olivia has been significantly engaged in the FFA since 6th Grade.  She is hoping to become her chapter's president during her senior year, and she has been showing dairy heifers and working on a dairy for her SAE for several years.  She also works at her local zoo and gets to educate people about animals and reptiles, allowing them to touch and handle the animals from time to time.


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