Off-Farm Income

On today's show I am speaking with Peter Dalton.  Peter owns the company, "Hunt Country Wildlife Removal" in Loudoun County, Virginia.  This is a side business that kind of started by accident.  Peter taught himself how to trap, and along the way started trapping for friends and neighbors when they had nuisance animals.  Pretty soon he was doing a lot of trapping, and he finally started charging people for the service.

Through word of mouth the business has grown and grown.  Peter is very busy with this side business these days, and he and his wife are also developing their farmstead.  He has a lot of great advice on equipment to use, how to work in urban areas and what you can do in rural areas.  I learned about a method of trapping foxes and coyotes in the episode that I never heard about, and you will benefit from this as well!

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