Off-Farm Income

Cole Abercrombie is the chapter president at Tunstall FFA in Dry Fork, Virginia.  He also operates his own "side hustle" mowing lawns and taking care of people's yards.  And, he has one of the purest views on community service that I have ever profiled on this show.

As if that were not enough, he has a passion for agriculture and farming that spans multiple states and multiple lines of his family.  Cole actually lives in a city and not a farm.  However, he has family that farms about 2.5 hours south of him in North Carolina and 25 hours west of him in Nebraska.  While he doesn't get as much time on those farms as he would like, he knows every detail about what they are doing, at both places.  This only happens if you are truly passionate about something.  Otherwise, you just don't retain all the knowledge that Cole has.

The area of Virginia that Cole comes from is largely agricultural and rural.  So, the needs and values of that region are not recognized as frequently in the state legislature because there aren't as many representatives from there.  Cole's future goals include being a voice for the folks of this region.  He is hoping to go to law school after obtaining and agricultural business degree.  Among his goals as a attorney are to advocate for agriculture and this region of Virginia, and to have an impact on policy that represents agriculture positively!

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