Off-Farm Income

Mikayla (Kayla) Kraft is the current Chapter President for the Broadwater High School FFA Chapter in Townsend, Montana.  She is also a journalist for MT43, a newspaper located in Townsend.

Kayla first started writing for MT43 when she was the chapter reporter, but she had to let that go when another student became reporter.  However, Kayla enjoyed what she was doing and wanted to stay on, so she approached the paper and struck a deal to continue writing for them, freelance.  There was a conundrum however.  In order to not steal any thunder from the current chapter reporter, Kayla had find other topics to cover.  And, man did she!  Her interests in agriculture have now taken her as far away as Washington D.C. to cover stories!

Kayla is heading to North Dakota State University next fall to study animal science.  She discovered NDSU while she was there covering a story and found it to be the perfect fit for her to pursue her degree.  She is planning on veterinary school as the step following NDSU, and currently she is considering Wisconsin and Kansas.  She loves her Montana Mountains, but her career pursuits seem to be taking her east!

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